Question: What is a traction channel?

Were sure youve heard about content going “viral” on social media. This is one element of Viral Marketing as a traction channel, but by far not the only one. Looking simply at the math, virality means that every user that sees your content, buys your product, or uses your service triggers at least one more new user.

What are the 19 traction channels?

Traction Book covers the main 19 channels that can drive traffic:Viral Marketing.Public Relations.Unconventional PR.Search Engine Marketing.Social & Display Ads.Offline Ads.Search Engine Optimization.Content Marketing. •Apr 14, 2021

How do you show traction?

Demonstrate that your users are engaged: Even if your user growth hasnt yet exploded, you can still show traction. Focus on the users you do have, and prove that they love your product. Demonstrate that users come back to your product (number of repeat use), or that they are hesitant to leave (low churn).

What is traction for a startup?

Simply put, traction refers to the initial progress of a startup and the momentum it builds as it grows.

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