Question: How do you increase fever time in TSUM TSUM?

The best way to get more fever time in a game is to save your skills and bubbles until the fever bar is empty, and clear chains of Tsum Tsums as fast as you can! If you have a hard time telling when fever starts, look for the background to turn black and the “Fever Bonus” to appear at the top.

What does increasing Tsum Tsum level do?

Each Tsum has a level and a skill. Increasing level will mean this tsum generates more score. Increasing skill will improve the impact when the tsums special ability is triggered. Each time a player uses a Tsum, they earn experience for it to increase level.

How do I get more coins in Tsum Tsum?

They are earned through clearing Tsum Tsums in the game itself, although they can also be earned by completing Bingos and Events, or purchased with Rubies, the games premium currency.

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