Question: When did the GR Yaris come out?

The 2021 Toyota GR (Gazoo Racing) Yaris was just unveiled in January 2020, and already people want to know when its coming to the United States.

Is the Toyota Yaris GR limited edition?

The good news is Toyota Australia now says the GR Yaris Rallye is part of the regular showroom line-up, alongside the regular GR Yaris, rather than a limited edition (although the Rallye editions are numbered).

Is the Toyota GR Yaris a good investment?

Its not cheap to buy, but the GR Yaris offers decent economy for a performance model and holds onto its value well. Its probably fair to say that most buyers looking towards the GR Yaris are not going to be too concerned with fuel economy and overall efficiency.

How much is a new Toyota Yaris 2021?

Pricing and specifications for the new Toyota Yaris Cross hybrid have been confirmed. The new car is Toyotas smallest SUV to date, sitting beneath the C-HR in the brands lineup. Its available to order now with a price tag of £22,515.

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