Question: Why did Arata stop playing karuta?

Arata had to move back to Fukui after he graduated from elementary school to take care of him. On the day he achieved Class-A in karuta, his grandfather passed away. He became so upset that he quit Karuta, until the day Chihaya and Taichi come to meet him.

Did Chihaya quit the club?

Not even thinking about his own feelings and suffering, the things he had to deal with all this time because he loved her but never showed. The thing is, I dont expect Chihaya to understand it right now. He didnt quit the club because Chihaya rejected him.

Who is the strongest character in Isekai cheat magic?

10 Strongest Mages In Isekai Anime1 Ainz Ooal Gown (Overlord) — Ainzs Vast Knowlege And Experience Truly Makes Him The Overlord Of Isekai Mages.2 Diablo (How NOT To Summon A Demon Lord) — His Magic Allows Him To Be An Unstoppable Force. •29 Mar 2021

Is Rudeus overpowered?

Rudeus is not OP. He has his power armor, he somehow can use gravity magic like his counterpart, albeit a little bit.

Who does Rudeus lose his virginity to?

Only Rudeus was able to make a small scratch on Ostred, though Rudeus almost dying in the process. Eris seduces Rudeus Age 13: Lost his virginity to Eris.

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