Question: Do you get freebies with Gousto?

From time to time, you may receive free gifts from Gousto. In the past I have had a canvas bag, a teatowel (I think!), a vegetable scrubbing brush and even little chocolate pot desserts too. Its nice to receive a little surprise in your box from time to time.

Do you get all ingredients with Gousto?

From time to time, well pop in a little gift as a treat – well label these so you know its not there by mistake! All the ingredients for your chosen recipes (except a few basics like oil and salt), including chilled produce, fresh vegetables and herbs, spices, condiments and more.

What comes in a Gousto box?

Whats in the box? The recipes arrive in a large, sturdy cardboard box. Inside are the chilled ingredients, wrapped up in reusable cool bag thats easy to transfer to the fridge, plus the cupboard ingredients. There are also four recipe cards and a free gift – in this instance, a Gousto-branded wooden spoon.

Do Gousto do free boxes?

Discover a choice of up to 40 recipes each week, choose your favourites, packed with fresh ingredients and complete with simple instructions, and get your box delivered free of charge with Gousto.

Are you tied into Gousto?

Why youll love Gousto: No lock in. Pause or cancel at any time. No waste with precise ingredients. Meals for 2 or 4 people.

Can HelloFresh save you money?

It definitely saves you money and time if there were just the two of you. When it comes to a family, my young kids preferred to have a deconstructed version of the flavour-full food. Try it out first if you want to see the savings. They generally have $90.00 off the first order and free shipping.

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