Question: Did the high school musical school burn down?

AFTER FLASH FLOODS this week, East High – the high school that was once home to Zac Efrons beloved Wildcats, was left absolutely destroyed. The high school was one of many properties in the Salt Lake City area of Utah that were severely damaged after storm drains were overwhelmed. Remember Martha from HSM?

What happened to the High School Musical school?

The real East High, where the beloved Disney Channel series was filmed suffered from an unexpected flash flood. The high school, located in Salt Lake City, was damaged after heavy rains majorly flooded the school and homes surrounding it, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Did High School Musical tear down?

High School Musical school destroyed in a flash flood, along with our childhoods. But it doesnt look like any Wildcats will be able to make their way back to the school—at least for now. The real East High from the High School Musical series was damaged in a flash flood—yes, even that iconic lunch room.

Is High School Musical high school still a school?

Salt Lake High School East or simply East High School is a public high school in the Salt Lake City School District in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. Most of the Disney Channel film High School Musical was filmed at East High School.

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